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Chemical Pool Service Business

Industry Segment: Pool Repairs

General Location: Venice, FL

Listing Number: 924-36140

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$25,000 DP/ 36 Pymts $1,429.83 at 6% 

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Not Included  
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Business Description

Work less than 1 day a week!  Owner Financing Available to qualified buyers. Pool route in Venice Fl has 70 pools and 97% located within two communities in less than a 1 mile radius.  Currently managed within 1 full day or 2 part days a week. 

Chemical Pool Service, perfect for single parent or second income for family looking for a part time job.   Great business to add to a current route or for the person looking to jump start a new business.  Add home watch services or pressure cleaning and watch your business expand quickly.

All pools are screened and self-cleaning or have vacuum systems making weekly checks quick and easy. 

Listing 924-36140


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Listing Number:  924-36140

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