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Sushi Restaurant

Industry Segment: Seafood Restaurant

General Location: Fort Myers, FL

Listing Number: 924-03644

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Lender Pre Qualified with $51,200 Down 

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Not Included  
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Business Description

This is one of the best Sushi, Japanese & Thai restaurants at a great location in Fort Myers. Key Employees and top sushi chefs are working together under one roof to create amazing sushi dinners. Even during the pandemic, the restaurant was successful and made money due to pick up and delivery approx 40% of sales. There is seating for 95. SBA Lender pre qualified with $51,200 down. Please contact listing agent for additional information.


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Steve W Rietbergen
(239) 425-6152
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American Business Brokers
8191 College Pkwy
Suite 306
Fort Myers, FL 33919
Listing Number:  924-03644

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